Friday, April 16, 2010

apologies again!

Life is busy...I know I need to make more time to get on here but I just don't have it lately. I have one kid that stays up late (she's so my daughter) but that leaves me with little "mommy sanity" time at night. My son wakes up BEFORE my alarm clock even goes off to get up and take him to school. Needless to say I am one tired mama!
I need to make myself more a priority (I have made this same pledge 10,000 times) and do the things that I enjoy (aka stress reliever) but I am such a mom and always put myself last.

Vent, Rant, Rave
I have been miss negative favorite thing (meaning I am not saying I love something more than my family) is my sewing/embroidery machine. This is how I make extra money for the family and I also LOVE sewing, creating in general. But lately it's turning on me...It keeps jamming and has broken 8 needles in the past week!! I have had this machine 2 years and have only been through 15 needles it's entire life and now 8 in one week!?!?!? Also when I monogram it's bailing out TONS of extra top thread and ripping fabrics. ARGHHHH
I have read all the troubleshooting must be male b/c it only works when it "feels" like it.
Yesterday I had to make two bows for a friend with her daughter's first initial ONE STINKIN LETTER! I did the first one no problems....then the second one it snagged, broke a needle, activated the safety device, broke another needle etc... you get the idea. A simple little project that should have taken me 5 minutes took 40 minutes and I only got one bow done!!

Sorry had to vent! My hubby could care less about all things sewing

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